Notes from a Craft Chocolate Maker…

As a craft chocolate maker in Portugal, I had been thinking for a while, of visiting a cocoa farm to see not only the planting of cacao trees, but also all the processes of harvesting, cracking, fermentation, and drying of the beans. I was really interested in observing and learning what happens to cacao beans before theyContinue reading “Notes from a Craft Chocolate Maker…”

Have you ever experienced a cocoa adventure tour?

In the month of February, visitors from Europe and elsewhere come to Trinidad to experience our sunshine, beaches, and carnival activities. In February 2022, however, a bean-to-bar chocolate maker Monica Cardoso from Portugal, substituted cocoa for carnival, by participating in our Cocoa Adventure Tour – a seeing and doing agro-tourism experience. The two-week immersion tourContinue reading “Have you ever experienced a cocoa adventure tour?”

Why are cacao nibs considered a healthy, natural, nutritionally rich super-food?

What Are Cacao Nibs? Following the harvest, cacao beans are pulled out of the pods, fermented, and dried. Cacao nibs are simply crushed bits of the ‘meat’ from those raw cacao beans. One tablespoon of cacao nibs contains approximately two grams of fiber. Nibs are rich in: antioxidants potassium calcium magnesium They contain essential heart-healthyContinue reading “Why are cacao nibs considered a healthy, natural, nutritionally rich super-food?”

Trinidad and Tobago cocoa farmers have been ranked in the 50 Best of the World

Roods and Perches are happy to be a part of this group! The Cocoa Development Company TT (CDCTT) said the cocoa beans of Annette Mills, Winthrop Harewood and the farmers of the Four Roads Tamana Cluster were among those that made the top 50. The Cocoa Development Company of Trinidad and Tobago [CDCTT] told NewsdayContinue reading “Trinidad and Tobago cocoa farmers have been ranked in the 50 Best of the World”

We’re in the News!

Put our Cocoa in the Sun Cocoa from Trinidad held its own in global rankings last week, when cocoa beans cultivated by Annette Mills, Winthrop Harewood and the farmers of the Four Roads Tamana Cluster made the top 50 cut in the Best of the World rankings. In October, the flavourful beans will go onContinue reading “We’re in the News!”

Roods & Perches gets an award!

At the virtual Cocoa of Excellence 2021 Awards ceremony on 16 December 2021, in Italy, the Roods and Perches sample (Commercial Sample No. 1120201701 – CoEx Sample Code: 353/21), received a Silver Award, one of two silver awards presented to producers from Trinidad and Tobago. The 2021 Edition of the Cocoa of Excellence Awards recognisedContinue reading “Roods & Perches gets an award!”

We sell beans

We sold 6 KGs of fermented dry beans to a local patisserie. We are not sure how they intend to use the beans but we read this article on “How to Cook with Cocoa Nibs” and found some interesting info. What cocoa nibs go with Introduce cacao nibs to chocolate desserts – help pick outContinue reading “We sell beans”

Chocolate and Cocoa Nibs…

a delicious healthy indulgence! Dark chocolate with its high cacao content is a nutrient-dense food. Cacao, a key ingredient in dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants, fiber and minerals like iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, copper, calcium, and manganese. Cocoa is a super-food with contains essential heart-healthy fats, oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat, vitamins B1, B2,Continue reading “Chocolate and Cocoa Nibs…”