Notes from a Craft Chocolate Maker…

As a craft chocolate maker in Portugal, I had been thinking for a while, of visiting a cocoa farm to see not only the planting of cacao trees, but also all the processes of harvesting, cracking, fermentation, and drying of the beans. I was really interested in observing and learning what happens to cacao beans before theyContinue reading “Notes from a Craft Chocolate Maker…”

Have you ever experienced a cocoa adventure tour?

In the month of February, visitors from Europe and elsewhere come to Trinidad to experience our sunshine, beaches, and carnival activities. In February 2022, however, a bean-to-bar chocolate maker Monica Cardoso from Portugal, substituted cocoa for carnival, by participating in our Cocoa Adventure Tour – a seeing and doing agro-tourism experience. The two-week immersion tourContinue reading “Have you ever experienced a cocoa adventure tour?”