We sell beans

We sold 6 KGs of fermented dry beans to a local patisserie.

We are not sure how they intend to use the beans but we read this article on “How to Cook with Cocoa Nibs” and found some interesting info.

What cocoa nibs go with

Introduce cacao nibs to chocolate desserts – help pick out the more complex, bitter notes of a chocolate moussechocolate fondant or chocolate torte. Unsurprisingly, the flavours of cacao nibs make a natural partner to other flavours known to go well with chocolate, like fresh or dried fruits, caramel, coffee and nuts.

The hard texture of cacao nibs make it an interesting replacement for nuts in granolabrownies and biscuits. Also use it as a garnish to top soft mousses and parfaits, and experiment with more unusual applications like tuiles.

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